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<transcy>New Aesthetic of Japan</transcy>

HULS GALLERY TOKYO curates and showcases fine crafts from around Japan.

〒107-0052 Akasaka ZEN Building 2F, 6-4-10 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Business hours: 10:00 – 18:00 (Mon -Sat)
Holidays: Sundays and holidays

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<transcy>Tea Ware</transcy>

We have high quality tea ware for everyday use and special artist-created matcha bowls, as well as dessert plates and trays to accompany tea time.

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《⽇本酒コラム》第6話:富山県(JP only)

《⽇本酒コラム》第6話:富山県(JP only)

文:茂村千春 富山県の日本酒の特徴 富山県は米どころとして有名ですが、北アルプス由来の良質なお水に恵まれた土地としても有名です。環境省が選ぶ名水百選にも8カ所が選定され、全国でも熊本県と並んでトップです。ご存知のように、お酒造りにはお水が欠かせません。美味しいお水が豊富な地域では美味しいお...

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《⽇本酒コラム》第5話:愛知県(JP only)

《⽇本酒コラム》第5話:愛知県(JP only)


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<transcy>Sake Ware (One of a kind)</transcy>

We carry sake ware made from various materials such as ceramic, copper, lacquerware, and glass, and introduce new styles every month to add a seasonal element to your collection.
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<transcy>Gift Selection</transcy>

Our extensive range of products are suitable for individual or corporate gifts. We also provide consultation to help select just the right item for each person and situation, as well as a gift wrapping service. 
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HULS Gallery showcases more than 200 kogei items, including sake ware and tea ware, as well as glass, textile, bamboo and wood works that are available for purchase. 

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A new way for Kogei beyond the seas.
KOGEI STANDARD is a cultural online media which conveys the present situation of Japanese crafts to the world.
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