Obori-Soma ware Horseshoe Double Walled Tea Cup(White)


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  • 地域:福島県(大堀相馬焼)
  • ブランド:松永窯
  • 素材:陶器
  • サイズ:φ80 x h120mm
  • こちらの商品に箱は付属しません。


  • 食器洗浄機、電子レンジでご使用いただけます。
  • 電子レンジを使用する際は、必ず食品を入れてください。何も入れずに使用すると、やけどや破損の原因になります。
  • 急な温度の変化で割れやすくなりますので、電子レンジでの加熱後すぐに水に浸すなどはお控えください。
  • オーブンや直火ではお使いいただけません。
  • 手作業でつくられているため、一点一点風合いが若干異なります。


Large-sized general cup made by Matsunaga kiln from Fukushima Prefecture, featuring a horseshoe-shaped foot and double-walled structure, making it comfortable to hold.

  • Brand: GATCH (made by Matsunaga kiln)
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: φ80 x h120mm

About Obori Soma ware

Obori soma yaki is a generic term for potteries produced in Fukushima Prefecture, in a town called Namie. Their history stretches back to over 300 years ago in Edo Period.
Since the Eastern Japan earthquake and Tsunami in 2011, many obori soma kilns were forced to evacuate, and unfortunately, many discontinued their production.
Yet, some persevered and continue their family tradition. One of them is Takeshi Matsunaga, who is the fourth generation of Matsunaga kiln. Some of the signature styles include the "blue cracking" patterns and the double-wall structured vessels.

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