HULS Gallery Tokyo

ぐい呑 こぶし




  • 地域: 愛知県・瀬戸
  • 作家: 眞窯
  • 素材: 磁器
  • サイズ:φ52 × h45mm
  • こちらの商品に箱は付属しません。


  • 食器洗浄機、電子レンジ、オーブン、直火ではお使いいただけません。
  • 手作業でつくられているため、一点一点風合いが若干異なります。



Sake server of Singama, a pottery of Seto-sometsuke in Seto, Aichi Prefecture. The delicate painting of kobushi magnolia by dami painting technique overlaps with the tone of watercolor painting. And the gold which is painted in the center serves its lively expression. With a soft texture of the unglazed and polished surface, this work has a comforting warmth.

  • Area: Seto, Aichi Prefecture
  • Brand: Shingama
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: φ52 x 45mm
  • Please Note: This product does not come with its own box.