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山水二二仙茶碗 2客セット





  • 地域:佐賀県・伊万里
  • ブランド: 畑萬陶苑
  • 素材:磁器
  • サイズ:φ68 × h49mm
  • 桐箱付き




  • 食器洗浄機、電子レンジでご使用いただけます。
  • 電子レンジを使用する際は、必ず食品を入れてください。何も入れずに使用すると、やけどや破損の原因になります。
  • 急な温度の変化で割れやすくなりますので、電子レンジでの加熱後すぐに水に浸すなどはお控えください。
  • オーブンや直火ではお使いいただけません。
  • 手作業でつくられているため、一点一点風合いが若干異なります。





    Scenes of mountains and water

    Hataman Toen is a porcelain kiln in Saga Prefecture that works in the celebrated style of Imari Nabeshima. Their best-known product line are teacups with traditional “sansui” drawings of mountains and water, a traditional series inherited from previous generations. The beautiful scenes are depicted in subtle shades by highly skilled artisans. Add the inspiration of these delicate yet dynamic landscapes into your daily life.

    • Area: Imari, Saga Prefecture
    • Brand: HATAMAN TOUEN
    • Material: Porcelain
    • Size: φ68 × h49mm
    • This product comes with its original box.

    Nabeshima ware

    A generic term for the high-quality porcelain produced in kilns operated by the Nabeshima clan between the 17th and 19th centuries. At that time it was manufactured as gifts for the shogun and feudal lords because of its outstanding quality and artistry. Its distinctive original style, which has been carried on to this day, is known simply as Nabeshima style, and includes “Iro Nabeshima” (colored Nabeshima), “Nabeshima sometsuke” (blue-and-white Nabeshima), “Ai Nabeshima” (Indigo Nabeshima), and “Nabeshima celadon.”

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