“Representation of the Mind – A Mirror Reflecting the Heart” – Chiemi Ogura Solo Exhibition

HULS Gallery Tokyo will hold an exhibition titled “Representation of the Mind – A Mirror Reflecting the Heart” by Chiemi Ogura, a bamboo craft artist based in Kyoto. She creates bamboo crafts with sophisticated designs, paying close attention to detail and delicate handwork. She explains that her use of traditional weaving techniques reflects her state of mind at the time of creation. The patterns, woven with gentle luster and natural bamboo scents, beautifully depict scenes of Japan’s four seasons as seen by her. This exhibition will feature accessories such as popular rings and bangles, small plates, as well as one-of-a-kind baskets and flower baskets created specifically for this exhibition. We invite you to come and take this opportunity to see these works up close.

Dates: 8th (Fri) – 23rd (Sat), March 2024
10:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. *Closed on Sundays and public holidays
Venue: HULS GALLERY TOKYO (Akasaka, Roppongi)
Dialogue with Artist: 8th (Fri) and 9th (Sat) March

<Chiemi Ogura Profile>
A bamboo craft artist based in Kyoto, known for her delicate weaving. While maximizing the beauty of traditional weaving patterns and decorative techniques, she continues to create works that harmonize with Japan’s nature.

1982 Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
2004 Graduated from Traditional Arts Super College of Kyoto, Bamboo Crafts Department
2014 Invited and exhibited at Japan Expo Paris WABI SABI Pavilion
2015 Bangle and Ring of Kyoto Basketry Accessory Series awarded “OMOTENASHI Selection”
2018 Exhibited at “Shokunin: Five Kyoto Artisans Look to the Future” at Portland Japanese Garden, US

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