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Egg Shell Sake Cup Set


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A one and only porcelain

This Arita porcelain is characterized by a fluffy cocoon-like texture and a delicate egg shell-like thinness of less than 1 mm. The artisan’s pure spirit is evident in their pursuit of such utmost thinness and in the whiteness of the surface. Enjoy Japanese sake to your heart’s content with these five differently-shaped sake cups.

Area: Arita, Saga Prefecture
Material: Porcelain
Size Daikoku: φ60 × H:40mm (80cc) Kyokusui: φ60 × H:40mm (48cc) Jitsugetsu: φ60 × H:40mm (63cc) Taketori: φ60 × H:40mm (40cc) Fuji: φ60 × H:40mm (70cc)
This product comes with its own box.

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